Get that beach-ready look all year round!

Welcome to the Alpha Deluxe!!

If you want the perfect bronzed glow our Alpha Deluxe bed is the one for you.

It has three different tanning settings ranging from Basic, Mediterranean all the way up to Caribbean.

The Alpha also allows you to play your own music or you can listen to it's own relaxing spa tunes. To add to the relaxation of your session, the Alpha bed also offers a soothing aroma and internal air conditioning.


To ensure you have got that all over tan, the Alpha bed also boasts shoulder bulbs and collagen boosters across your face and chest.

You can control everything on the Alpha bed on a panel above your head, ensuring the aircon is just right so you never feel too hot.

Pair our Alpha Deluxe bed with the perfect lotion and you will have a brilliant bronzed glow all year round.